The Green Upgrade


Are you fed up with a yo-yo approach to getting healthy?

Reaching true, whole-body wellness is going to take more than fad lifestyles & crash diets.

But I’m willing to bet you already know that…

You’re here because the “typical” approach to feeling good hasn’t worked. Your mind, body & spirit is craving something more enriching, and more sustainable.

You're not looking for a quick-fix solution. You're looking for a holistic lifestyle upgrade that not only improves your health, wellness, and mindset—but that allows you to live a more conscious lifestyle in every possible way.

You’re looking to use plants as a vessel to greater healing, but the thing is... you’re not exactly sure where to start.

I get it. Plant-based living can be intimidating.

I remember wondering if I could really stick to it.

I also remember wondering where the heck to even start. It felt like there was an invisible rulebook that I couldn’t uncode, and honestly, I was just plain confused in the beginning.

But over the last 5-plus years, I’ve slowly been able to completely change my lifestyle… and my life.

After going plant-based, I healed my chronic stomach inflammation and threw all of my stomach medications in the trash. I used to be sick all the time, and now I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a cold. My energy is at an all-time high, and I have never felt so good—from the inside out.

It’s truly amazing what plant-based living can do to upgrade every level of your health, if you let it.

And the best part? It doesn't have to be complicated.

That's where I come in...

Hey there!

I'm Chelsea Backman

I'm a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach with a passion for holistic health and plant-based living. I've spent years studying and practicing holistic health, and I'm here to help you start your own journey towards optimal well-being.

Like many people, I used to struggle with an unhealthy relationship with food and a lack of self-care. In fact, I was pretty much the quintessential non-vegan my whole life. I didn’t think a lot about health, other than assuming that if I were to ever become unwell, a doctor would "fix" me.

And then my mom got cancer. I watched as her doctors failed to advocate for her mental health, encourage adequate nutrition, or even seem to care much about her physical wellness. And then, we tragically lost her to the disease a year-and-a-half after her diagnosis. That's when I hit an emotional rock bottom, and knew I needed to make major changes in my life.

If you're ready to embrace a new, holistic approach to your health,
then This eBook bundle is for you!

I realized that doctors can do a lot, but they aren’t the ones responsible for our overall health. We are, and so I set off to find ways to heal not only my own heart, but my body, mind, and spirit, too. I immersed myself in the world of holistic health, plant-based living, and traveled my way around the world in the pursuit of holistic healing. This journey inspired me to create The Green Upgrade, a 7-day holistic lifestyle eBook bundle to help you transform your life - from the inside out - with doable actions and a holistic plan, so you can feel good inside your mind, body & spirit.

It's designed to help empower you to make the choices that are right for your individual needs and circumstances. You don't have to be 100% plant-based or feel restricted in any way. Instead, you'll have the freedom to find what works best for you, based on your unique journey and lifestyle. 

THE GREEN UPGRADE eBook bundle is a holistic approach to plant-based living, in an un-intimidating way. In this 7-day holistic lifestyle program, I give you the tools you need to weave this lifestyle into your life slowly for results that last a lifetime.

Get heart-centered tricks and tools to pursue a holistic, plant-based life.

What's inside the Green Upgrade Ebook Bundle?

Get the 411...

Ready to do the inner work and take action.

Looking for a powerful kickstarter to upgrade your overall lifestyle and health

this is for the health-minded person who is....

Willing to commit 7 days of your life to detox, healthy food, intuitive movement, hydration, meditation & other mental, emotional & spiritual health practices



this is not for anyone who is....

NOT READY TO FEEL BETTER IN your mind, body, & spirit 

Inside you'll find....

  • PLANT-POWERED RECIPES: Fuel your journey with delicious recipes that nourish both body and soul.

  • DETAILED GROCERY STAPLES LIST: Kickstart your plant-based journey with a comprehensive shopping guide, including an exclusive Green Upgrade grocery list featuring recommended brands.

  • BEGINNER POWER YOGA: Keep your body active and energized with a practice tailored to all fitness levels.

  • 7 DAY WELLNESS PLANNER: Take charge of your well-being and nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

NOW $35

  • DAILY JOURNAL PROMPTS: Gain clarity on your optimal health vision and values.

  • GRATITUDE LOG: Cultivate a strong and positive mindset with daily gratitude practices.

  • RESOURCES: Dive deeper into the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and expand your knowledge.

  • 7-day lifestyle WORKBOOK: Motivate, inspire, and enhance self-awareness throughout the program.

  • Affirmations, mantras, and SELF-CARE tips: Elevate your experience with empowering affirmations, uplifting mantras, and practical self-care guidance.

  • JUICE & SMOOTHIE RECIPES: Boost your vitality with revitalizing juice and smoothie recipes that promote detoxification, immunity, and overall wellness.

...and so much more

This is for anyone seeking a change now.

If you consider yourself “plant-based curious” or ready for a health change that finally sticks (and works), this is your chance. THE GREEN UPGRADE eBook bundle will help you transform your life—from the inside out—with doable action steps and a holistic plan, so you can finally feel good for good.

Get THE GREEN UPGRADE eBook bundle now for just $35!



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